Raccoon is a lovely little creature that is just misunderstood. Yes they can be a nuisance for the house and the property owner, but it’s not their fault; it’s just their nature! It is our own duty to keep the raccoons away from our place and not blame them for trespassing when they do.

Preventive care is the best approach to avoid problems raccoon on your property, but little strategic initiative does not hurt either! Though, if there is a raccoon in your property, you may call the raccoon trapping company of Los Angeles.

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Certain plants repel raccoons. Planting this plant can be a fun and effective way to keep raccoons out of your garden and away from your landscape. And best of all, it is a project the whole family can be involved in! Continue reading to learn about the plants that have this effect on the raccoon and why!

Tastes Bad

Food is one of the top motivators of interest raccoon to residential areas and urban areas. If the food they find a bad taste to them or produce undesirable effects, they will remember and come back for more.

Bad Smells

Just like the taste, the smell is important for ferrets. Plant and certain plant issued a raccoon scent-sensitive or simply do not like. Plants in the mint family, namely peppermint, or even garlic are a great natural repellent to consider adding your garden. This smells just too strong for raccoon and they do their best to avoid them.

Bad Sensations

Raccoons have very sensitive paws. For this reason, they avoid walking in areas that hurt their feet and the handling of goods that hurt their feet. Thorny plants and food are some of the areas and items.