Catholic crucifix is the main symbol of the Catholic Church. Representation of Christ as Savior is the central theme of Christianity. Catholic crucifix serves as a reminder of the sacrifice and love of Christ to all people.

Catholic crucifix is a Latin cross with the body of Christ (corpus). It is used to symbolize the redemption of mankind through the sacrifice of Christ. Catholic crucifix is the central symbol of the Catholic faith; no Catholic church in the world is without one. If you are looking to buy beautiful St Benedict crucifix then you are at the right place.

Catholic crosses History:

Catholic crucifix is not widely used before the 5th century and the Lamb of God is the most common symbol used to represent Christ.

The Council of Constantinople in 629 AD ordered: “That is, not the sheep, our Lord Jesus Christ will be shown hereafter in human form him in the picture so that we will be led to remember the life of his mortal, his passion and his death, which pays ransom for mankind “- this image is a Catholic cross.

Renaissance saw a reversal of more ideally conceived imagery, however, a dramatic and more accurate depiction of Christ would return to the Catholic crucifix during the Baroque period.

The Protestant Reformation in the 16th century, however, rebelled against the use of Catholic crosses and stripped corpus from the cross, so it can be but more emphasis on the Resurrection.

Catholic crucifixes, over the years, become a powerful symbol in both art and jewelry. By using cross many Catholic Christians around the world proudly proclaim their love and faith in Christ as the Redeemer.