Advance excel training can help users to make the reporting of MIS in any organization whether it’s finance department, HR or sales of many MIS reports. Microsoft Excel is widely used, there are various formulas in MS Excel that can be used when performing financial modeling.

To learn all the tricks of advanced Excel, users can undergo training in Excel, because there are many topics covered in the training manual. Advance Excel should care for full study topics that are offered by various agencies before joining any training program in Excel. You can learn how to quickly format, view, and organize your Microsoft Excel data using easy formulas through the internet.

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If the user is aware of how to use excel, he can make best use of excel formulas in various MIS excel reports, few of the basic features of advance excel training is listed below:-

Working with the list:

Make a List

Using Form Data

Adding Records Using Form Data

Findings Recording Using Form Data

Deleting Records Using Form Data

Sorting Records in a List

Using AutoFilter List a

Working with the chart: 

Make a chart with the Chart Wizard

Moving Chart

Resizing Chart

Changing the Chart Type

Chart Editing Text

Modifying Chart Options

Formatting Axis Category and Value Data

Formatting Data Series

Changing the Data Sources This Chart

Changing a Chart’s Source Data

Working with graphics: 

Using the Drawing Toolbar

Formatting Objects

Inserting WordArt

Inserting an Organization Chart

Modifying an Organization Chart