If you are planning something unique and delicious for dinner then  Indian dishes are a perfect choice, If you are a non-Indian then you might question yourself why ‘Goan fish curry’ or ‘chicken butter masala’ did not taste the same. unique preparations and methods used to make them.

If you try to prepare an Indian dish in American style then, of course, the taste will become more American than Indian. You can find a variety of delicious recipes on various Indian recipe websites such as .https://www.masalatwistusa.com/cuisines/traditional-indian-food.

The secret to making your Indian dish more is to add the appropriate amount of spice, particularly for non-vegetarian food. Even a pinch more can balance the taste of the food. 

One more tip that can be followed to make your Indian dish more tasty and Indian is to buy spices from an Indian store. Because the source of the spices used also makes a variation in how the dish tastes. For example, you should use Indian tamarind because Thai tamarind tastes much sweeter than Indian.

If you are planning for classic Indian food like chicken curry then it’s better to get ready-made required masalas from an Indian shop. Experiments with different spices in specific proportions on your own might not give expected results. 

To make Indian cuisine with delicious results, it is best to follow a recipe from genuine sources provided by Indians.