Things to Know Before Becoming a Police Officer

If you are interested in becoming a police officer, you probably realize how hard it is to get a job. You have to go through screening rigorous mental and physical training and for good reason. Police work is a noble career, but it also can be a hard life. You can find police academy training requirement via online sources.

Find out what to expect:

1. You need to be fit. To become a police officer, you have to pass a fitness test, and you will be asked to complete various fitness challenge at the police academy.

2. Police Academy did not. With the exception of the character Bubba Smith, most of the characters in the Police Academy will not succeed through the door. The training, which lasts about 12 weeks, it is difficult and tiring.

3. No shooting for the sake of this shoot. Film and television would have you believe that the police can start firing away at bad guys. However, you will learn to be a good shot, and you’ll learn when it’s appropriate and not to use your weapon.

4. Some of the work table is required. It’s not all action all the time. You will need to write a report about what happened, and the report must be accurate and detailed as they could be used as evidence in court.

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