A Brief Introduction to Instructional Design

Teaching is more than just the transmission of content and learns more than just memorizing facts. Learning is about developing an understanding of their own content and integrates it into one’s mental framework.

Teaching is about designing activities to enable this. All of these activities are called instructional design. You can also enroll in instructional design courses via online sources.

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Instructional design is all about harmony. It aims to align learning with learning activities and align them to vote. That is, carefully preparing the learning objectives at the appropriate level for their knowledge and skills are being developed and designing activities that help learners to develop their understanding of the content and to develop the skills taught.

The instructional design forces us to move from a content-centered perspective to the perspective of the learning center. So, instead of starting the question, what the teacher is going to teach, starting with what the teachers want their students to learn?

Approaching teach from this perspective helps to ensure that all teachers do is to support multiple outcomes or learning objectives. Instructional design provides a clear to teachers what they want their students to do at the end of this course.

The key to good learning design is to formulate good learning outcomes. Often people are overwhelmed by the learning objectives to the point of paralysis. Writing good learning outcomes should be fairly straight forward. It should be clear, concise and specific and make sure that you have expressed the results in terms of what learners will be able to do.

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