Even using protective equipment such as helmets, reflective lights and acoustic signaling methods such as bells, cyclists are still at the risk of road accidents. That the accident occurred because of the cyclist because of his fault, the weather, the road conditions or the impact due to a collision with a traveling companion, it is important that the cyclist has a decent bicycle accident lawyer. For more about the bicycle injury lawyer, you may go to this link https://www.redrockinjurylaw.com/practice-areas/bicycle-accidents/. 

The most common bicycle collision occurs with cars in the busy streets; Therefore, cyclists must know their surroundings and must follow the traffic instructions carefully. 

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An important guide for cyclists is an educational program called Effective Bike. Effective basic assumption Cycling is that bicycles must follow the rules of the road and be treated like any other vehicle. With this method, collisions between bicycles and vehicles are less likely to occur. 

The five basic rules of the road that bicycles must follow are: Bicycles must travel in the right half of the road, as opposed to the opposite direction of traffic or even on the sidewalk. Bicycles must give the correct course of traffic, obeying all stop signs and traffic lights. When moving laterally across the street, bicycles must yield to traffic.

 Cyclists must commit to turning on the lanes; they enter; trying to turn in a different direction than the one indicated on the road could cause an accident. Finally, bicycles must also maintain a safe distance from the sidewalk when passing through intersections.

Cycling at night is particularly dangerous for cyclists if their bicycles are not equipped with lights. The reflectors alone are not enough to alert other vehicles in the way of the presence of a cyclist.