Swimming pool covers are a necessity for any pool owner. It not only keeps your pool clean, but it also makes children and pets safely away from the pool. You cannot use just any other material which is large enough to cover your pool.

A swimming pool covers real old-fashioned in a way that provides optimum protection for your pool. You can buy the best quality swimming pool covers through Covers in Play. It has three types, each with their own advantages and disadvantages:

1. Covering Net

Imagine net used to catch players circus in case they fall; net cover that is what it looks like. This also works the same way; they prevent people from falling into the ground or into the pool. Children also will not mistake this for a solid surface so that they would not even dare to go on it.

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2. Mesh Covers

The net-like mesh cover is very smooth. It will capture the majority of debris such as small stones and dried leaves. The water, however, they can easily pass through. It cannot capture microscopic dirt particles and microorganisms. Nevertheless, it still does a good job of keeping debris larger than water so as to prevent the filter from getting clogged and makes it easier to clean the pool. It’s probably a good idea to use a clean blanket to the cover net as an additional safety precaution.

3. Vinyl Covers

This type of pool blanket is really solid. Even water can be skipped because it was even microscopic dirt cannot get into your pool. It can even lock your hot water so it saves you from additional costs for heating water.

Each pool cover has a unique function of its own apart from its main one. Choose one to suit the basis of your needs with consideration for your budget.