Terrace EC is a hot seller for Singaporean

The Terrace Singapore Executive Condominium is near the area where the Edgedale Plains meets the Punggol Drive. It is also known as Punggol EC. An Executive Condominium is essentially a hybrid between private property and a HDB flat. The Executive Condominium was introduced as a means to encourage Singaporean families to own private property.

It was begun in December of 2014 and is the fourteenth EC in district 19. Purchase of a unit grants ownership and resale restrictions such as an income ceiling and a five year minimum occupation period. Policies changes are made in accordance with market sentiments. The EC in question is the last batch not affected by a second timer resale levy which can be upwards of $55,000 depending on the type of subsidized flat. Additionally first timers may qualify for CPF housing grants targeted at those who have received a housing subsidy previously. Units are by developer and subject to HDB approval.

The Terrace Singapore Executive Condominium project is a suitable place for families and those looking to start a family. The well designed facilities are in three different tiers. Tiers which are categorized by three main components the Active, Leisure, and Tranquil Tiers. Below you will find a brief description of the events that take place within each tier. Go to the official website http://www.theterrace.info/ for details