Types Of Clearomizer Tank

A clearomizer is an element of an e-cigarette where e-liquid is stored and transformed into the fog and the components related to this of other e-cigarettes are known as atomizers or cartomizers and works slightly different.

Clearomizer Types

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Basic Clearomizers:

The most basic clearomizers are disposable and remain last for about 2-4 weeks, range from average to heavy vaping. It is better to change basic clearomizer after some time due to the reason that it starts producing the burnt taste that is difficult to breathe through.

Mid-Range Clearomizers:

Mid-range clearomizer is usually operating at a higher voltage and has strong power to hit the throat along with the high vapor generation.

High-Performance Clearomizers:

This type of clearomizer has a great capacity to store e-liquid, but it is expensive then the basic and middle range one’s. Apart from that, it has longer stability of vape flavor, mist production, and better throat hit.

Self-Build Clearomizers:

Self-build Clearo tanks are more knotty than a traditional tank in terms of use usually but it allows you to form your own inner axis.

Air Flow Regulation Clearomizers:

In today’s time, it is most preferred than amongst all with some additional features. It lets a person alter the quantity of intake of air accordingly.

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